Worship -honor and homage paid to God

The Bible tells us that our worship should be pure, clean, from the heart, etc. The Bible also say that we should worship God, and only God! 



Sunday School 9:30 AM (All Ages) -

Mt. Olive Baptist Church Sunday School Mission Statement

Our Mission is to reach, teach educate children, the youth and adult; the inspiring word of God as it is written in 2 Timothy 2;15, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”.

Through studying the Word we bring spiritual growth as we are leading others to salvation in Jesus Christ. We welcome all to come join Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church Sunday School

March       Sunday School Lessons

March   4     Wisdom's Part in Creation

                      Proverb 8-16, :22-35

March 11    The Word Became Flesh

                      John 1:1-14

March 18    The Wedding at Cana

                       John 2:1-12

March 25     God's Word Saves

                       John 3:11-21

Facts:  This study about God's creative Word centers on Jesus Christ: what He was in His early days, what He means to us now,         and what He means to us regarding the future. He is our only hope.


April Sunday School Lessons

April    1     Testifying to the Truth

                     John 18:28-37

April    8      The  Living Word (Easter)

                     John 20:1-10, 19-20

April  15     Cleansing the Temple

                     John 2:13-22

April  22      Bringing Life to the Undeserving

                     John 4:7-15, 23-26, 28-30

April  29      Healing  the Blind


Facts:   To confirm that Jesus is truth, we cannot go wrong when we put our trust in Him.





Sunday, 11:00 AM - Traditional Worship Service - coming  together to give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for the abundant Blessings and Love he bestowed on us.     





   Wednesday 6:30 P.M Prayer at Mt. Olive - Our PUSH services (Pray Until Something Happens) meet on Wednesday evening at 6:30






 Wednesday 7:00 PM Bible Study at Mt. Olive - On Wednesday evening our Bible Study class meet at 7:00 PM

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