Histroy and Accomplishments


MARCH 1920 - MARCH 2015


The Mount Olive Baptist Church was organized during the month of March 1920 by the late Rev. G.E. Sanders.  The Congregation worshipped in a little building on South Union Street for approximately four months.  Mr. Bob Hawkins built the first pulpit of the newly organized church, his wife Mother Mary Hawkins, joined the Mount Olive Church later on.  Reverend and Mrs. Heath and children, including Wayland and Frances Heath-Brewer, Deacon Charles Lewis, William Holman, Ruth Amos, Mary Finch, Tom Thompson, Mrs. Glenn (Alberta Miller was a Sunday school attendee) and of course, Mrs. Benda Sanders and children: Cecile, Clarence, Beatrice, Gladys, and Guy were the first church attendees.  Reverend Warden was also an attendee of the early church.

Following the resignation of Reverend Sanders, the Ministerial Alliance supplied the church with the following ministers:


Reverend Charles Banks

Reverend Hollins

Reverend L.G. Garrett

Reverend Ausler


The Rev. C.B. Wheeler came to Mount Olive Baptist Church as a full time minister in 1930.  Under his pastorate, the lot was purchased.  The congregation continued to worship in the small building and began growing as families in the surrounding community joined the church membership.  Among them were Deacon Travis Bailey, Sister Beatrice Bailey, Deacon Charles Brewer, Mr. Crockett, Della Barker, and members of the Brooks family.  After ten years of service Rev. Wheeler resigned.

The Rev. J.R. Roman became the pastor in 1940.  The church continued to grow, both spiritually and financially.  Keeping in mind the fact that none of these early church members held professional positions, the financial structure of the church experienced slow growth.

In July of 1943, a struggling church owed $20.05 in back taxes on the corner church lot.  By sacrifice, the payment was made from a church treasury of $33.62.  This payment left the church owing on Pastor Roman’s salary.

During October a revival at the church enabled the congregation to “catch up” on the Pastor’s salary; it also left enough to purchase two tons of coal at $15.69 for the coming winter months, and to pay the janitor, Brother George Lee, $2.00 a week for starting the fire for Sunday Services.

At a later business meeting a collection was taken up from those attending to purchase vestibule doors which cost $7.50.  Those contributing were Sister Calderon, Brother Lee, Sister Amos, Brother Edmonds, Brother Dan Lewis, Sister Elsie Roman, and Rev. Roman.

The New Year 1944 found $42.66 in the church treasury.  One of the many financial drives was held with $1.00 each man and $.50 assessed each woman.  Improvements during the year included roofing the church and two new outdoor toilets were built.

The pastor was sent as a delegate to the Central District meeting in Marshalltown, Iowa that October.

Expenses were:

            Representation -      $10.00

            Train fare -                 $2.78

            Meals -                       $4.50

            Misc. Expenses -      $5.00

                        Total -             $22.28

In 1945 the church roll was revised, showing sixty-three active members in the following Auxiliaries: