Brief History







The Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church was organized during the month of March 1920 by the late Rev. G.E Sanders.  The congregation worshipped in a little building on South Union Street for 4 months.  As our church grow, a discussion has centered around whether to undertake an addition to the existing building or undergo remodeling.  After much prayer and discussing a proposal to relocate was placed before the church on December 13, 1999.  During a business meeting held on August 29th the majority voted to purchase the new church at 3100 2nd . We moved to New church on the week of October 29-November 3, 2001.  On March 17, 2002 we held our Church dedication service for the new church.


Reverend Guy E. Sanders (1920 - 1930)

 Rev G.E Sanders organized the church in 1920. He was the pastor for 26 years when he resigned as the pastor in April 1946






Revered C.B Wheeler came to the Mount Olive Baptist Church as a full time minister in 1930.  Under his pastorate, the lot which the old church stands was purchased.




Reverend Joseph Roman (1940 - 1946)

The Rev. J.R. Roman became the pastor of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in 1940.  Under his leadership the church continued to grow, both spiritually and financiall.   






Reverend Herbert R. Fields (1950 - 1990)

From Butler, Missouri, Reverend Fields started to preach in 1929 and was licensed in 1934, by the Second Baptist Church.  He was know as the "DEAN OF THE MINISTERS" in Des Moines which he served in that capacity for sixty-one years.  He became the pastor of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church on June 29, 1950, succeeding the late Reverend J.R . Roman.  Under his leadership, a new church was built , new pews, new communion table, parking lot, new robes for junior and senior choirs; he had eighteen deacons that served under him.


Reverend Thomas G. Smith (1990 - 1995)

On July 27, 1986, Rev Smith and his family became part of Mt Olive Missionary Baptist Church.  He came in as a working Assistant Minister to pastor H.R Fields.  He was installed on September 15, 1990 as the full time pastor.  Changes that was made under his leadership are as fellows: Sanctuary was remodeled, building was repainted, weatherizing of basement and installation of hot water piepe.





Reverend James E. Wright Sr (1996 - Present)